Core Skills for Successful Work Projects (Virtual Classroom)


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13th August 2024
Virtual Classroom: 2 Half-Days    
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Two Half-Day Virtual Modules: 09:30 AM – 01:00 PM: Aug 13th & 15th 2024.
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Many of the tasks we carry out at work can be considered projects.

For example, organising an event, updating processes, installing a new system, moving office, planning a campaign or developing a product.

Based on core project management techniques, this course explains, in a jargon-free way, an effective four stage process for managing projects or large tasks.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Anyone asked to run or manage a work-based project or sizable task.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the benefits of a structured approach to managing projects or sizable tasks.
  • How to use practical techniques to plan, run and finish a project successfully?


Stage 1 – Getting Started

This first stage will help delegates to think about the outcomes of the project and how success will be recognised, measured and agreed.

  • Definition and stages of a project.
  • How projects can go wrong?
  • Analysing the project environment (PESTLE).
  • Setting clear objectives (SMART).
  • Agreeing the scope of the project.

Stage 2 – Creating a Plan

Planning is about thinking of all of the activities that need to happen to complete the project and recording what has to be done, who will do it, and when it has to happen.

  • Practical Project Management skills.
  • Analysing stakeholders.
  • Using Project Management models.
  • Putting a team together and allocating tasks.

Stage 3 – Running the Project

In order to manage the project, there are a few regular tasks that have to be carried out. Participants will be introduced to the routine activities that keep projects on track.

  • Managing risks (problems you know of).
  • Identifying risks (recognising what could go wrong).

Stage 4 – Finishing the Project

One of the most difficult parts of a project is closing it and agreeing with the project stakeholders and interested parties that the project is complete.

  • Why it’s important to close your project?
  • Evaluating your project.

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