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28th May 2024
Virtual Classroom    
Module Dates
Two Half-Day Virtual Modules: 9.30am - 1.00pm 28th & 30th May 2024
£295 or €350
Cost with Mental Toughness Assessment
£675 or €770

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Resilience – the ability to “bounce back” from a set-back, is related to Mental Toughness, which determines in large part how individuals deal with challenge, stress, and pressure.  Developing Mental Toughness can help individuals view challenge as an opportunity, learn from setbacks, develop a ‘can do’ attitude and build their resilience.

This course will help participants understand their own Mental Toughness and develop skills to become more resilient, maintain their wellbeing and be more engaged and effective in the workplace.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Those wanting to develop Mental Toughness in order to be more resilient and effective in the workplace
  • Anyone wishing to improve their wellbeing, engagement and performance
  • HR Professionals who want to understand better the relevance of Mental Toughness to Resilience

Learning Outcomes

  • An Understanding of Mental Toughness, its effect on Resilience and its application to your role
  • An Action Plan to develop Mental Toughness and Resilience
  • Improved wellbeing and engagement


Part 1: Understanding Resilience and Mental Toughness


  • Resilience and Mental Toughness Explained
  • The Link with Stress and Peak Performance
  • Application to Job Roles

The Four Cs of Mental Toughness

  • Challenge (seeing challenge as an opportunity)
  • Confidence (high levels of self-belief)
  • Control (having a ‘can do’ attitude)
  • Commitment (being able to stick to the plan)

Part 2: Development & Application

Effective Interventions & Strategies

  • Goal Setting & Self-Awareness
  • Attentional Control & Visualisation
  • Positive Thinking & Anxiety Control
  • Which Strategy is Best For You

Optional Post-Course
Mental Toughness Assessment

Following the course participants can take a Mental Toughness Assessment and receive their individual and confidential Mental Toughness Report (MTQPlus).  This is followed up by 1-2-1 feedback from the course trainer (a fully qualified MTQPlus Assessor) on the outcomes of the report, its application to the individual’s current work and the impact on their resilience.

The cost to include the training course and follow up Mental Toughness assessment and feedback is £675 or €770 per person.

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