How Assertive Are You?

How Assertive Are You? When I help people develop their emotional Intelligence, some are surprised to find that they are low on assertiveness.  They may say, “How can this be?  I get on well with my team; I can put my point across and even disagree with others in a professional manner.”  This off course … Continue reading How Assertive Are You?

Optimism – can it be learned?

Optimism: it’s more than positive thinking! Perhaps you know someone who is an optimist?  They probably appear to maintain a degree of hope in their life and adopt a positive approach to what they do – a ‘glass half full’ viewpoint.  Well if they are an optimist then they do much more – they take … Continue reading Optimism – can it be learned?

Empathy at Work: Why?

Empathy at Work: Why? In 1992, a team led by neurophysiologist Giacomo Rizzolatti at the University of Parma, Italy accidently discovered what have been termed “mirror neurons” in macaque monkeys.  These brain cells became active (fired) when the monkey performed an action – in this case picking up a peanut.  However, the team also noticed … Continue reading Empathy at Work: Why?

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