Leaders and Managers require a wide range of skills. They need to be able to motivate and develop individuals, build teams and at the same time manage the tasks and objectives set for themselves and their company.

This programme helps participants learn these core skills in a practical and applied way.  It will provide them with the support needed to develop in a Leadership & Management role.

Programme Objectives

  • To build credible, trusted and engaging managers able to boost collaboration and motivate teams to exceed expectations
  • To develop productive and self-directing team members who take personal ownership of individual and collective performance

Learning Through Experience

  • The programme will encourage participants to apply learning between modules and share positive experiences and outcomes with colleagues

Personal 1-2-1 SWOT Sessions

  • Each participant will receive two 1-2-1 Sessions to explore the individual’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in relation to their leadership development and aspirations.


Mod 1: Accountable Leadership

The Leader & Manager Role

  • Leadership, Management & Coaching
  • The Functions of the Role(s) and the Core Skills Required
  • Leadership & Management Challenges
  • Accountability: Task, Team, Person

Leading & Motivating Effectively

  • Using Different Leadership Styles
  • What Style Suits the Situation?
  • Motivation: Getting the Best from People
  • Drivers of Trust and Engagement
  • Mod 1 Experiential Learning Action Plan

Mod 2: Team Dynamics

Understanding Teams

  • Team Development Stages
  • Team Roles & Team Norms
  • Characteristics of Successful Teams

Effective Delegation for Team Building

  • How to Delegate Effectively
  • Delegation, Motivation and Efficiency
  • Empowerment & Accountability
  • Mod 2 Experiential Learning Action Plan

Mod 3: Coaching & Mentoring

Communication Skills

  • Stages in The Communication Process
  • Barriers to Communication
  • The Impact of Unconscious Bias
  • Listening & Questioning Skills

Coaching for High Performance

  • Coaching & Mentoring Defined
  • Coaching with The GROW Model
  • Coaching & Problem Solving
  • When to Use Coaching & Mentoring
  • Mod 3 Experiential Learning Action Plan

Mod 4: Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognising Emotions and Their Impact
  • Professional Assertiveness and Healthy Self-Regard
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Mod 4 Experiential Learning Action Plan

Mod 5: Performance Management

Performance Reviews

  • Performance and Business Objectives
  • The Purpose of a Review or Appraisal
  • Structure of The Review or Appraisal
  • Format & Documentation

Addressing Poor Performance

  • Identifying Poor Performance
  • Giving Feedback or Criticism
  • Clarifying Expectations & Action Plans
  • A Framework for Giving Feedback
  • Mod 5 Experiential Learning Action Plan

Mod 6: Achieving Results

Taking Control & Time Management

  • Prioritising Work Activities
  • Finding Time to Plan
  • A Time Management Framework
  • Being Accountable

Managing The Customer Experience

  • Commercial Awareness
  • Internal & External Customers
  • Achieving Success Through Others
  • Mod 6 Experiential Learning Action Plan

Optional Added Value Elements

  • Optional ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management
  • Optional Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Feedback

I-L-M Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management

This is achieved through the completion of the programme and two post-programme assignments.  Successful participants will receive an internationally recognised I-L-M Award and 12 months membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management, with access to resources to support their Leadership & Management development.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Feedback

Following the programme, participants can take an on-line EI Assessment and receive their individual and confidential EI Report. This is followed up by 1-2-1 feedback from our fully qualified EI Assessor on the outcomes of the report, its application to the individual’s aspirations and suggested strengths and development opportunities.

Further Information

For further details email anne.hamill@beckinridge.com


  • Code 901
  • Duration 3 Days Classroom / 6 Half-Days Virtual
  • Virtual Classroom Contact us for options
  • Qualification Optional Award in Leadership & Management
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