The ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management is achieved through the completion of the training course and two post-course assignments.

Successful participants will receive an internationally recognised ILM Award setting them and their company apart from the others. Also 12 months membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management, with access to resources to support their Leadership & Management development.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Professional sales people
  • Those providing consultancy services to customers
  • Anyone with a major role in supporting the sales process

Learning Outcomes:

  • Adopt a systematic/strategic approach to selling and gaining new business.
  • Understand the skills required for success in competitive buyer-led markets.
  • Be better able to recognise and influence the decision criteria
  • Develop an ‘Account Development & Protection’ approach to selling.
  • Understand the importance of rigorous personal planning and time management.
  • Be more objective and self-disciplined in setting sales objectives, managing ‘sales time’ and forecasting


Selling Products or Services – The Challenge

  • The Changing Role of the Salesperson
  • The Purpose & The Objective of Selling
  • Being Seen as the ‘Trusted Advisor’
  • Selling Your Company ‘Brand’

The Buying/Selling Process

  • The Buyer’s Cycle
  • The Salesperson’s Response
  • The ‘Short’ Sale V The ‘Complex’ Sale
  • The Professional Sales Call

Your Market Approach

  • Understanding Your Impact Selling Points
  • Value Statement Libraries
  • Juran’s ‘Truth’

Analysis, Prospecting and Qualification

  • Customer Profiling
  • Understanding Buyer(s) Motives
  • Prospecting Techniques
  • Qualification & Assessment

Selling to ‘Different’ Customer Types

  • Buyer Types/Buyer Motives
  • Deciding on Your Response
  • Personal Motivation/Response to Buyer

Decision Criteria  (Why ‘Buyers’ Buy)

  • How To Influence The Decision Process
  • Organisational Needs Vs Buyer Needs
  • Handling Customer Concerns

Professional Negotiating (Win-Win)

  • Professional Negotiating
  • Why Do Negotiations Fail
  • Who Has The ‘Power’ – Buyer Or Seller
  • The Psychology of Bargaining

Managing the Closing Stages of The Sales Process

  • Managing the Buyer’s Concerns
  • How Important Is It?
  • Overcoming Last Minute Hurdles
  • The Fear of Rejection

Managing Your Sales Activity

  • The Sales Funnel
  • Pipeline Management/Forecasting
  • 4 Keys to Sales Effectiveness

Advanced Sales Communication Skills

  • Understanding Communication Skills
  • Working with The Buyer’s Perception
  • Questioning/Listening
  • The ‘SPI’ Questioning Technique

Writing Winning Responses

  • Responding to ITTs, RFPs RFQs
  • The Fundamentals of Response Impact
  • Responding to Decision Criteria
  • Writing for Different Buyer ‘Types’
    • The Financial Buyer
    • The Product Buyer
    • The User Buyer
    • Others?

Account Development Strategies (ADS)

  • Factors That Affect Account Management
  • The Account Relationship – The Trusted Advisor
  • Develop Strategies That Maximise Your Market
  • Penetrating and Protecting Your Existing Accounts
  • How to Up-Sell to Your Accounts

Time Management for Sales People

  • Why Are Some Sales People So Effective ‘Time’?
  • The Urgent/Important Matrix (Covey Principles)
  • Techniques to Avoid Procrastination
  • Planning Sales Activities
  • Using ‘Qualification’ To ‘Create’ More Selling Time
  • Code BQ-300
  • Duration 3 days
  • Virtual Classroom Contact us for options
  • Qualification Contact us for options
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