The aim of this course is to develop awareness and skill in writing about technical subjects, so that any form of written communication is clear and easy to understand.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Technical Professionals
  • Technical Writers
  • Those tasked with producing technical documentation either individually or as part of a group

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create logical, well-argued communications
  • Use the conventions of writing in technical genres
  • Write clear paragraphs and sentences with greater ease
  • Revise and edit documents effectively
  • Use punctuation correctly
  • Avoid the most common grammatical errors


Development Strategies

  • Developing and organising ideas
  • Identifying audiences and purposes
  • Building your case
  • The writing cycle

Forms of Professional Communication

  • Basic features of a technical report
  • The proposal and terms of reference
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical specifications

Skill in Writing

  • Placing key words
  • Using parallelism
  • Creating clear sentences
  • Writing paragraphs
  • Editing for emphasis

Final Details

  • A Guide to Punctuation and Grammar
  • Proof-Reading
  • Code 610
  • Duration 1.5 days
  • Virtual Classroom Contact us for options
  • Qualification Contact us for options
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