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Maintaining quality and efficiency is critical to any 24-7-365 production environment. Achieving this is as much about ‘the right mindset’ of team members as it is about any process.

This practical course will focus on maintaining quality during shift handovers; improving communication between team members and developing a ‘mindset’ of continuous improvement.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Production & Cell Managers
  • Shift Managers & Supervisors
  • Shop Floor Personnel

Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve shift hand-over communication (particularly the passing on of new information/status changes)
  • Develop a culture of teamwork and accountability
  • Help eliminate a ‘them-and-us‘ culture between managers, supervisors, and shop floor personnel


Part 1: Developing the Right Mindset

This section focuses the positive impact individuals have within a team and the importance of being accountable.

Working with Internal Customers

  • Who are Your Internal Customers?
  • Supporting Your Internal Customers
  • Handing Over a Shift or Deputising
  • Being Accountable

Supporting A Culture of Teamwork

  • Characteristics of Successful Teams
  • Creating Positive Team Norms
  • Improving Team Communication

Part 2: Effective Collaboration

Through group exercises participants explore several techniques to further develop a mindset of collaboration.

An Introduction to Continuous Improvement

  • The 5S Methodology
  • Visual Management
  • Quality Circles

Using Problem Solving Techniques

  • Types of Problems
  • The PDCA Cycle
  • Ishikawa’s Fishbone Model
  • Code 223
  • Duration 1 day
  • Virtual Classroom Contact us for options
  • Qualification Contact us for options
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