Executing a robust Customer Development Strategy requires the successful steering of customer-focused teams towards the company’s strategic goals.

Commercial awareness, interpersonal skills, the right mindset and collaborative teamwork are all important factors in enhancing the customer experience.  This programme will help develop the core skills required.

It will greatly benefit geographically dispersed teams and provides the opportunity to exchange and develop ideas with colleagues while learning.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

  • Business Development Managers
  • Account Managers and Sales Professionals
  • Sales Support and Customer Service Teams

Learning Through Experience:

  • Develop a customer-focused team mindset
  • Encourage team engagement and collaboration
  • Build individual skill sets to enhance the Customer Experience
  • Communicate a standard for team values, style, culture and processes
  • Less experienced attendees will learn from those with greater experience
  • Apply learning between modules and share positive experiences and outcomes with colleagues


Mod 1: Stakeholder Management

The Brand Ambassador

  • The Brand Ambassador
  • Professional Success Factors
  • The Trusted Advisor Role
  • Identifying & Managing Stakeholders
  • Balancing Needs

The Customer Relationship

  • Different Customer ‘Types’
  • Internal Customer Management
  • Developing Customer Loyalty

Mod 2: Influencing and Persuasion

Communication Skills

  • Communication & Thinking Styles
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Working with Customers’ Perception
  • Active Listening and Building Rapport

Being Influential

  • Whole Body Communicating
  • SPI Questioning Technique
  • The Science of Persuasion
  • Six Principles of Persuasion

Mod 3: Negotiation Skills for Success

Influencing and Negotiation

  • Influencing and Negotiation
  • Selling Vs Negotiation
  • Principled Negotiation Win/Win
  • Power and Time

Successful Negotiations

  • Preparation & Investigation
  • Proposing & Bargaining
  • Assertive Influencing
  • Closing the Negotiation

Mod 4: Presentation Skills

Structuring Your Presentation

  • Pitching Vs Presenting
  • The Purpose and Objectives
  • Tailoring for your Audience
  • Audience Learning Styles (VARK)

Engaging the Audience

  • What is Your Hook?
  • Effective Use of Body Language
  • Managing Fears of Presenting
  • Remote Presenting Considerations

Mod 5: Personal Effectiveness

Time Management for Success

  • Getting Work Done
  • The Challenges of Remote Working
  • Dealing with Virtual Distance
  • Effective Habits to Mange Boundaries
  • Dealing with Time Stealers
  • How to Prioritise for Effectiveness

Effective Meeting Skills

  • What Makes a Meeting Effective?
  • Remote Team Communication
  • Planning & Designing for Success
  • Productive Virtual Meetings
  • Key Responsibilities for Efficient Meetings

Mod 6: Mental Toughness & Resilience

Four Cs Of Mental Toughness

  • Challenge (challenge as opportunity)
  • Confidence (high levels of self-belief)
  • Control (having a ‘can do’ attitude)
  • Commitment (sticking to the plan)

Effective Development Strategies

  • Goal Setting & Self-Awareness
  • Attentional Control & Visualisation
  • Positive Thinking & Anxiety Control

Optional Mental Toughness Assessment & Feedback

Mental Toughness Assessments will help identify areas for individual development.  A post-course feedback session will explore professional challenges and signpost strategies for improved performance.

  • Code BP-300
  • Duration 6 Half-Days
  • Virtual Classroom Yes
  • Qualification Contact us for options
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