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 Unix Scripting for Open Source Applications

  Course Code - PE-104   Duration - 3 Days

UNIX is a true multitasking operating system. Its portability, reliability and efficiency has helped it and various flavours of it, become widely used for a range of applications.

This 3 day course is designed for those wishing to learn Bash Shell programming. The practical exercises constitute about 50% of the course time.

The course is suitable for any variant of Unix and the Linux platform is used for course delivery.


 Who Should Attend?


Programmers, system administrators and technical support staff who need to understand the fundamentals of the Unix operating systems and become proficient at scripting in the Unix environment.




A basic knowledge of programming in any high level language is required.


 Course Content


- UNIX Shells
- Comparing Shells

- Shell script basics
- Comments
- Printing output
- Quoting
- Creating shell variables
- Predefined shell variables
- Environment variables
- Dot scripts
- Aliases
- Positional parameters
- Command substitution

Conditional statements
- If statement
- Extended if syntax
- Comparison operators

Looping statements
- While statement
- Until statement
- Iterating for loop
- Break and continue

- Let statement
- Arithmetic command
- Arithmetic value command
- Counting for loop
- C Mathematics

- String length
- Substrings
- Deleting leading and training
- Providing default values

Shell IO
- File descriptors
- Redirecting input and output
- Inline documents
- Opening file descriptors
- Reading and writing file
- Closing and moving file

- Function definitions
- POSIX functions
- Positional parameters
- Returning a value
- Local and reference variables

Signal Handling
- UNIX Signals
- Sending signals
- The trap statement

User Input
- Using getopts
- The select statement

- Hiding parameters
- Database Queries

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Beckinridge specialises in Technology, IT, Sales and Management training for the ICT, Corporate, SME and Government Sectors in Northern Ireland.
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