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 Accelerated Team Development 

  Course Code - MF-101   Duration - 2 Days   

We are all complex and challenging individuals with our own personalities, ambitions, goals objectives and agendas. In a team environment we become even more complex and challenging. 

Why is it then that we put a number of people together in a 'team', assign a leader and assume that they will work effectively together? 

How do successful teams come together quickly and gel into an extremely productive focused unit that operates as one and produces effective results? Is it just co-incidence or can it be systematically reproduced?

The Accelerated Team Development workshop is a powerful process for  developing productive, focused, motivated and results-based teams.

This two-day workshop brings teams together to use powerful creative problem solving and idea generation techniques in a controlled and managed way. 

Participants will experience new techniques for converting 'good ideas' into tangible outcomes. Each team will learn how they can operate as innovative individuals and as an effective team unit.




This workshop delivers the combined benefits of Accelerated Team Development and innovative solutions to real team issues.

Participants will learn:
- How to communicate effectively as a team
- A set of non-verbal cues that will create more efficient team meetings
- Specific brainstorming techniques to avoid the effects of 'group think'
- Powerful team-based Creative Problem-Solving techniques that can be 
  used to solve new issues.
- Project Management processes to convert good ideas to tangible 
- Powerful Workshop Formats for the purpose of determining all the 
  resources required to deliver a project 

In addition, by working in this dynamic environment for just two days participants will be motivated to work effectively as a team using the powerful tools they have learned.


 Course Content


Team Development Fundamentals
- Team Dynamics
- Team communications

Creativity and Innovation
- What is the Creative Process
- Tools for the routine application of the Creative Process. 
- Creative Problem Solving tools and techniques
- Idea Generation tools and techniques

Creative Problem Solving Workshop
- Define team objectives
- Develop team questions / issues
- Identify and remove barriers to achieving team goals 
- Dynamic Brainstorming 
- Individual Creative Problem Solving 
- Team Creative Problem Solving 

Idea Generation Workshop
- Develop realistic and achievable team goals
- Well formed outcome testing
- Win/Win/Win Finder - individual, team and organisation

Project Workshop Format
- Project Business Case 
- Major Milestone Planning 
- NLP workshop format for planning all aspects of project delivery 
- Non verbal cues to be used for more efficient team meetings

Project Workshop 
- Convert team goals to tangible outcomes
- Determine the resources required to deliver the outcome
- Produce standard project documentation for reporting progress   
  against plan
- Develop tools and strategies for your team
- Develop the experience and tools to ensure continued team focus

Pre-Course preparation

For maximum benefit to be gained participants will be asked to arrive at the workshop prepared with the following:

- Three individual issues or questions relating to a work issue they are 
  currently facing that they would like to answer during the workshop.
- Three team issues or questions that are common to the team and 
  have been pre-agreed between the team members. These will be put 
  to creative problem solving during the workshop.


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Beckinridge specialises in Technology, IT, Sales and Management training for the ICT, Corporate, SME and Government Sectors in Northern Ireland.
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