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 Java Programming with Swing

  Course Code - GN-136   Duration - 4 Days

This 4-day course is for programmers who already know the Java language and wish to develop applets or applications that have a rich user interface. These applications would typically be standalone or the client part of a client-server or multi-tier solution. The course also shows how to create and exploit the JavaBeans architecture for both visible and functional beans.




Students must have a good working knowledge of the Java language, typically obtained by prior attendance on our 'Java Programming' ('GN-134') course.


 Course Content


AWT - The Abstract Window Toolkit
- How AWT works
- Using layout managers
- Basic component types
- Building the user interface

Applets & Applications
- How an applet runs on a web 
- Creating standalone and dual 
  mode applications

Event Handling
- The event handling model
- introduced with JDK 1.1 
- Using a listener interface
- Using an adapter class
- Named and anonymous inner 

The Mouse & Keyboard
- Mouse and mouse motion events
- Testing for mouse buttons and 
  double clicks
- Action and character keystrokes

- How Swing uses AWT
- How Swing differs from AWT
- Mixing AWT and Swing
- Building a Swing user interface
- New layout managers

Basic Swing Components
- Containers and menus
- Buttons and labels
- Split panes
- Check boxes, radio buttons and 
- Text components
- Sliders and progress bars

- Windows, dialogs and option 
- Message boxes
- Choosers
- Building a custom dialog

Intermediate Components
- Lists and Combos
- The Model, View, Controller 
  architecture (MVC)
- Exploiting text components

Advanced Components
- Lists and tables
- Trees
- Custom components

- The JavaBeans component 
- Building and distributing beans
- BeanInfo
- Generating standard and 
  custom events
- Invisible beans

Graphics & Java2D
- Using Graphics and 
- Styles and attributes
- Coordinate systems
- Loading and displaying images
- Animation

Communicating with the Server
- Sockets and streams reviewed
- URLs and URL connections

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Beckinridge specialises in Technology, IT, Sales and Management training for the ICT, Corporate, SME and Government Sectors in Northern Ireland.
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