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 Effective Meeting Skills  

  Course Code - BC-405   Duration - 1 Day   

Real productivity within any business can often be dependent upon meetings being run effectively and those attending the meeting being able to communicate in a confident and professional manner. 

'Personal Effectiveness - Meeting Skills' has been designed to assist the attendee in gaining the maximum benefit from attending meetings, to communicate effectively and to be seen as contributing
in a positive way.




- To distinguish between different types of meetings
- To identify the advantages of meetings as a form of communication
  for your organisation
- To recognise the key features of an effective meeting
- To use an Agenda to establish the purpose of a meeting and 
  communicate this effectively to those attending
- To control the timing allocated to agenda items by setting their relative
  importance and urgency
- To ensure that everyone attending a meeting makes a significant 
- To communicate, through the Minutes, the key decisions and allocation 
  of major responsibilities to those who attended the meeting

On Completion You Will Be Able To:

- Contribute to a meeting from start to finish
- Understand your own meetings style
- Manage the Meeting to present a professional image
- Develop self-confidence when speaking during a meeting
- Develop assertiveness and voice projection


 Who Should Attend?


Anyone who needs to attend and contribute to meetings and who needs to understand the worth of meetings in achieving business objectives.


 Course Content


Developing the Essentials
- Setting Objectives
- Understand why people should 
  attend meetings
- Creating the Right Environment
- Developing Visual Aids

Personal Meetings Techniques
- Styles of Meetings
- Barriers
- Preparation of Notes
- Approaches to Meetings
- Use of Body Language

Emphasize your Contribution 
- Voice Projection
- Voice Variation
- Producing a Convincing Style

Handling Questions
- Do's and Don'ts of Questioning
- Identifying Techniques
- Dealing with Objections

Building Support
- Control of the Audience
- Analysing Feedback
- Quick Thinking

Active Listening & Questioning Skills
- The Skills needed to Listen 
  during meetings
- Effective Questioning Skills

Influencing & Negotiating Skills
- Planning your Position
- Giving and Getting
- Getting to Win/Win

The 'Meeting' Process
- Planning and Setting the Agenda
- Getting contribution from 
- Ensuring Effective Follow Up


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Beckinridge specialises in Technology, IT, Sales and Management training for the ICT, Corporate, SME and Government Sectors in Northern Ireland.
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