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 Negotiating Skills For Success

  Course Code - BC-401   Duration - 1 Day

Negotiating skills and abilities are of primary importance for everyone whose role it is to interface and achieve outcomes through the actions of others.

These skills are invoked daily by individuals at all levels in an organisation who are involved in both internal and external discussions. 

From simple extensions of a project plan to company-level / International commercial agreements, negotiation is a major factor in profitability.

This course focuses on Win/Win negotiating which takes dominance out of the picture and substitutes skills that allow outcomes acceptable to all concerned – and ensure there is a platform in the future for more positive and continuing relationships.


 Who Should Attend


Anyone involved in negotiations either internally with colleagues, management and other departments or with external customers and  suppliers.


 Learning Outcomes

  • Be aware of the key stages in the negotiation process
  • Understand the characteristics of successful negotiators
  • Be able to use, recognise and counter negotiation techniques and tactics
  • Be better able to achieve a negotiated outcome that favours the individual, project or organisation.

 Course Content



  • Negotiating and Influencing
  • Types of Negotiations
  • What Makes a good Negotiator

Successful Negotiations

  • The Negotiating Continuum
  • Win-Win Negotiating

The Components of Negotiations

  • Power
  • Time
  • Whole Body Communicating
  • Teams
  • Bargaining Techniques
  • Tactics and Tricks

A Five Stage Negotiating Model


  • When do you Start?
  • Establishing your Position/Alternatives


  • Analysing their Objectives/Situation
  • Agreeing the Process


  • Developing your Strategy
  • The Benefits of Team Approach
  • Setting Alternatives
  • Making Proposals


  • Bargaining and Conceding Successfully
  • The Psychology of Bargaining
  • The ‘If Then Rule’
  • 10 Negotiating Tricks and Tactics – How to use and counter them
  • Deadlocks - How to Break them


  • Recognising an Agreement
  • Timing Your Close
  • Monitoring the Agreement

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Beckinridge specialises in Technology, IT, Sales and Management training for the ICT, Corporate, SME and Government Sectors in Northern Ireland.
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