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 Change, Customers & Communications 

  Course Code - BC-308  Duration - 2 Days  

Handling change, customers and communicating effectively in business are fundamental to the success of a customer focused service department or project. However, approaching this issue in an 'ad-hoc' manner can be very draining on resources of time, personnel and money. 

The situation is compounded whenever the requirement is affected by Change Process factors. In this environment personal motivation, clear communications and functional focus are vital.

This course provides a pragmatic approach to building internal and external customer relationships in a Change Environment. The course explores and practices the skills people require to work with customers either directly or through others. It introduces participants to the advanced communication skills necessary to understand and influence themselves and others and to succeed in a Change Environment.




- Understand the impact of 'change' in a customer improvement 
- Understand what 'customer improvement' is really about
- Customize an approach to customer improvement that is right for a 
  specific client or market being served
- Understand and influence the customer's perception of the level of 
  service provided
- Deliver the right and professional approach to customers
- Communicate in a professional manner and in a way that influences 
  and builds the customer relationship
- Successfully manage the customer relationship


 Who Should Attend?


- Anyone whose role it is to build or implement a customer 
  improvement strategy
- Managers of a project that involve the 'internal' or 'external' 
- Everyone involved in providing a service to internal or external 
  customers at any point in the Supplier - Customer chain
- Those involved in a customer-oriented environment that is 
  undergoing People or Process Change


 Course Content


Part 1 - Change and Customer Care

- Change & Customer: An 
  Holistic Approach?
- Mission Critical Thinking
- What is Change
- The Impact of Change 
- PEST analysis in a Change 

What approach is right for you
- Customer Care ..or...?
- The Customer Zone of 
- Why Customers Defect

The Building Blocks of a Strategy
- The 5 C's
- Understanding Customer Care 
- Rights - and Responsibilities - 
  of Customers

Managing the Customer Relationship
- The 3 Ring Model of Excellence
- Levels of the Customer 
- The Project
- The Personal

Internal Customer Care
- What is Internal Customer 
- Benefits of Internal Customer 
- Who are your Internal 
- The Service Chain

Meeting Customers' Expectations
- Satisfaction = Perception 
  Minus Expectation
- Guidelines on Managing 

Problem Solving and Decision Making
- The Impact Of The Right 
- Selling The Impossible
- A 4-Step Approach
- Building Rapport
- Get the Facts
- Discuss Solutions
- Develop an Action Plan

Personal Action Plan 
- Part 1
Part 1 is a Personal Action Plan and will be developed so that ideas and concepts taken directly out of the course can be applied into the work environment.

Part 2 - Communication Skills

- How you Communicate with 
- Filters to Communication - 
  Their effect
- How your Mind Affects your 
- How to Influence your Internal 
  Self Talk
- How your Body Affects your 
  State of Mind
- How to use Physical Speech 
  more Effectively
- What Clues do others Give 
- What Gestures and Voice Tone 
- Listening and Questioning 

The Power of Persuasion
- Gathering Information when 
- Deletions, Distortions and 
  Generalisations in Language
- How to Recognise them
- How to ask Precision Questions 
  to Work with them
- What is a Person's Motivation 
- How to use your Language to 
  Influence others

Influencing Skills
- Work With Resistance
- Filters That Change Perception
- Developing Self Confidence

Brain Storming and Business Strategy
- Brain Storming As a 
  Competitive Tool
- Second Impressions V First 

Group Action Plan - Part 2
Part 2 of the planning process will be developed and will allow the individual ideas and concepts to be taken directly out of Action Plan 1 (individual ideas) and applied directly.


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Beckinridge specialises in Technology, IT, Sales and Management training for the ICT, Corporate, SME and Government Sectors in Northern Ireland.
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